Linda has been at the Stevens County DAC for over 20 years.

During that time, she has enjoyed working in a number of community-placed jobs, such as washing wheelchairs at the nursing home and sweeping and dusting at a local group home office. Her favorite job is the group home office because she likes the work and the friendly staff. Linda has also worked onsite at the DAC, painting and sanding in the Retail Craft Department and husking and bagging corn in the workshop.

Linda’s supervisors describe her as “having a positive attitude, [and] pleasant to be around.”

Even after undergoing hip surgery, Linda kept working in the Avocation Department where she enjoyed cutting old towels into cleaning rags and folding laundry. When her hip was healed, she went back to her previous jobs.

Linda’s supervisors describe her as having a positive attitude, pleasant to be around, and as having the ability to communicate on a variety of topics. She enjoys participating in Special Olympics and especially the swimming and bowling events. She loves walking on the track at the University of Minnesota Regional Fitness Center as a part of the DAC Fitness program.

Linda also enjoys social activities, such as eating at a local pizza buffet with her friends from the DAC and dancing at the annual prom sponsored by a local women’s group.

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